An escort rescues a sexually-starved English teacher

After four years of marriage, William Brown, an English teacher could no longer enjoy intimate sessions with his wife, Ruth. According to William, his marriage had started to crumble as a result sexual starvation. As a married guy, William had no other ways of getting sex unless he hired someone to fill the gap left by his wife. After sharing his experience in the hands of his wife, a friend jokingly mentioned that he could sample the services of London escorts. Though he didn’t take the comments seriously, the idea hit him hard in the evening going into the night. Feeling neglected by his wife, William left for a nearby club for a night of entertainment.

While in the club, William could not resist admiring the club’s strippers and pole dancers. After spending close to two hours, William could no longer continue staying at the club. He, therefore, decided to leave the club for home. William had no much experience of the nightlife. At the club entrance, William spotted many escorts sexy-dressed and looking at him seductively. When looking at them, his inner urge to go for one kept going up. He finally approached them with the intention of getting one for a one stand sex.

On getting to where the escorts were, William was surprised how much the escorts valued him. They could call him sweet names that had become foreign to his wife; “Horney I am here for you…” one of the escorts said. Most of them were available at absolutely low prices. He finally settled on one escort named Susan.
After agreeing on the basic terms, William together with Susan left for a hotel room. On getting to the hotel, William paid for a room, and the duo proceeded to their room on the hotel’s first floor.
While in the room, Susan gave William a hot kiss accompanied by a lovely caress. In a fraction of a second, all her clothes were off, making William on to saliva for her sexy and curvy body. She swiftly unzipped William’s trouser, getting his nodding dick out in the process. She went down on a squatting position and put the dick in the mouth. After a few minutes, William’s belt was off, making his trouser to have a free-fall. All this time, William had great fun as Susan drowned his dick in her mouth. Minutes later, Susan led William to the nearby bed where she held by it allowing William to access her from behind. Just a few thrusts are all that William required to Cum. It was a sigh of relief to William who had gone for months without sex. For once, William thought of himself as a complete and free man – a man able to fulfill his sexual desires at will.

Tips for meeting ladies

Because of the social media, less and less people actually talk to an other person face to face. All it’s happening virtually.So people, are in interested in finding their other half, are losing their social skills in their real life. So it’s getting harder and herder for them to approach another person in real life and start a conversation face to face.
That’s why most of the men in UK, are single. They don’t have the confidence in them to talk with other women, face to face.

If you are living in a big city, like London, then the task of finding someone it’s even hard to achieve. Because if you are going out in Central London, to a pub or a restaurant, you will see only attractive women, most of them looking very posh.An average man will never have the courage to ask the lady if she wants a drink or ask her for a date.
So what can be done?

First we would recommend to go out more in the evening. London is known for it’s night life with party people. Try at least once a week to go out and try to socialize with any gorgeous lady who gives you a look. If she looks at you several times, than for sure she is interested in you and she is waiting for you to take the first step. Even though the ladies in London are known for their confidence in approaching a man, they still prefer the man to take the first step. So start by offering her a drink and you will she one will accept in the end.

Second would be best for you to go out with a friend of yours, maybe a best friend who will have your back. Having a friend with you will make you feel more confident and can help you when you run out of topics to discuss with the lady. Also he can help you by talking nice things about you in front of the lady, how reliable you are and how much he appreciate you as a friend. When you have someone to talk nice of you the lady for sure will become more interested in you and will pay more attention to you.

And one final recommendation, who might get considered by some unorthodox, is to hire an escort at London Escots Cleopatra. Yes, an high class escort. These ladies are well educated and can help you get out from your shell. Even you are a shy man with no idea how to behave around a lady than booking an escort can be the solution. You can take her to dinner, dance with her in clubs, etc. Also if you have a big event coming up, why not considering hiring a high class escort from London to be your partner? She can be the perfect lady for you. She knows how to behave, she understand what a man needs and knows how to act when the man feels insecure. So, for a first meeting, for a man who wants to feel in power and appreciate it, even for a night, a high class escort can be a solution.

No matter what you decide to do just do it, just try something new and see what happens. Get out of your shell.

Most Unusual Things To Do When You Visit London

There is no chance the capital and the most popular city of England can be boring. Although you can spend time visiting the art galleries and museums, there is so much more you can do when you travel to London, whether going as a couple or as a family. You will be delighted at the unusual things you can do in London. Here is a look at some.

Visit Lee Valley
For the tourists who really what to do something unique and unusual when visiting London should consider paying a visit to the Lee Valley. Located at the London Olympic stadium, Lee Valley is where you will enjoy the canoeing, white water rafting and kayaking. If you and your family are into adrenaline pumping fun, going to the valley will give you such an experience. The best part is that you will get to use the Olympic facilities. You will definitely have something to talk about when you go back home.

Sherlock Holmes Experience
If you miss out on this then you miss out on everything. You have the chance to witness the fictional character live again. The basement of the famous Madam Tussauds Museum will give you the experience. It’s an adventure like no other when you make your way along the Victorian street and be part of the book.

Puppet Theatre Barge
Families and couples will never forget visiting Puppet Theatre Barge. The barge is based in beautiful Little Venice and happens to be the place to find top Puppet Theatre Company in London that has been in the entertainment scene since 1982. It is simply a fun and unusual way of spending a London afternoon. So now you have something to do in that bad weather or wet day in the capital.


Fulham Broadway
If you have always wanted to ski or make your family learn the sport but you don’t know where to learn, then Fulham Broadway has got you covered. You will find snow ski school and the best part is that it is in the heart of London. The school has a revolving astro turf to make sure your skiing adventure is based on your skills. So there is room for both beginners and professionals.
Murder Mile Walk
The fun is halfway done until you study about the darker side of London-the Murder Mile Walk. Normally, the walks will happen in Soho. The event so unusual but will give you a chance to explore and understand more about the city. You will understand more about the 18 murders that occured in a small area. If you are into unique, interesting and scary things then this is it.

Highgate cemetery Tour
It is so unusual to visit a cemetery. But what if you are given a chance to visit a historical cemetery that buried 170,000 graves? And that isn’t everything, the attendant will tell you about each and every resident, what happened before during and after their deaths—that’s if you have the time to listen. These are simply unique ways to spend your boring afternoons when you travel to London.